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    C corylatham72371314 начал обсуждение Finding The Inspiration For Cooking.

    [b]Finding the Inspiration for Cooking


    Many families are wrapped up in the speed and near-turmoil of modern life.  With two careers, học làm bánh trung thu children’s structured activities, commutes, professional associations, maintaining the home, etc., it can be difficult to find time to do any enjoyable cooking.  Here are a few ideas to consider if this is an issue in your home.

    One idea is to use cooking as a teaching activity.  With a child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or close neighbor, you can make very tasty dishes, while imparting valuable skills as you go.  Lessons that can be passed on include precise measuring, following a list of instructions, multi-tasking, the "art" of cooking including mixing, beating and rolling, kitchen safety, and completing a project.  You can match the recipes with the maturity of the child, day lam banh and have enjoyable and productive cooking periods that really have an impact over time.  When a child is able to make something that is really tasty and brings a lot of compliments, she will get an important sense of satisfaction and dạy làm bánh trung thu self-esteem.

    Another idea is to choose some favorite recipes that you haven’t prepared for a long time.  These could be your old favorites or your mother’s or grandmother’s.  You might have to do research to find the proper recipe, either in the family "archives" or possibly the internet. The time-tested dishes will be a treat for you as well as the family.

    Also, hoc lam banh thong dung you might want to take a practical approach to spending more time in the kitchen. There are an unlimited number of recipes that you can make on a Saturday or Sunday, and use for two to three meals during the week, with only a minimum of further preparation required.   So the time spent cooking on one day can save a lot of time later, as well as providing some great meals.  Such dishes might include a baked ham or turkey, pot-roast, large pasta dish such as manicotti, a pork roast, etc.  Also a large vegetable or potato casserole could be prepared along with the main dish.

    You could plan and cook something that you’ve thought about many times but never done.  You could make a surprise meal for your family, an extra special dessert, bake homemade bread which is always a big hit, do a Thai dinner, and so on.  It’s a lot easier to really get involved and enjoy a novel undertaking.

    Almost everyone has been given a new small appliance or gadget for the kitchen that they have never had the opportunity to use. .  It might be your food processor, a pasta maker, a special baking pan for biscotti, scones or popovers, or a Panini maker. You can choose several recipes that require your new tools or attachments and have a good time creating a new dish.  If you can involve someone else, make a new dish, use some new tools, or save some time , it can be a lot easier to look forward to and enjoy more serious cooking.

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    C corylatham72371314 начал обсуждение Pizza Tastic.

    There's a reason Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the USA.
    This humble dish of Italian origin is said to have first been devised by peasants in Naples. An easy, inexpensive, filling and portable meal, Pizza's popularity has grown and grown - with variations far removed from the traditional flavors of Italy - with flavors like barbeque chicken or Avocado and black bean fast gaining popularity.

    Unusual toppings are all well and good, but the bulk of the dish is made up of the base.

    If that's not got a lot going on, then no amount of toppings is going to improve it. You can buy pre-made pizza bases almost anywhere now, but they're not a patch on the results you can get from home baking your own - it's as easy as pie (actually, easier!).

    Here's how to get it right:

    Measure your ingredients by weight rather than volume - it's a more precise way to measure and reduces the risk of getting it wrong.

    Some people swear by using hoc lam banh a au Pizza Stone, basically a heavy weight brick to bake your pizza on. As most Pizza dough recipes will instruct you, you've got to preheat the stone in the oven (at a super hot 500d F!) which then starts cooking the crust as soon as you place it on the stone, creating the perfect crisp base.

    Pizza stones are also a great way to cook your favorite bread recipes; they crisp up all kinds of types of breads perfectly.

    Lots of recipes for baking pizza at home suggest chilling your dough in the refrigerator of even freezing it - this is a great idea as it stops the dough from rising too much.
    Once you've done that step, make sure you remove it from the fridge or freezer in good time. The dough needs to rest at room temperature at about 30 minutes to loose some of its 'springiness'. If after that time it's still springing back when you try to shape it, let it rest for 15 minutes more.

    This lets the gluten in the dough relax making it easier to work with

    Stretching out that dough can be tricky; we've all seen those pizzeria pros throwing their pizza dough in the air to shape it. Even for the baking mad pizza dough can be tricky to shape, and hoc lam banh trung thu we can't all aspire to those kinds of tricks.
    You can gently use your fingers or the backs of your hands to shape and stretch the dough out to your desired thickness and shape. Some people even roll it out using a rolling pin, which tends to give a very uniform result.


    Yes, cach lam banh au the base is important, but we can't leave without discussing toppings.

    Here's where you get to jazz up your home baking recipes for pizza. Whether you're a traditionalist or love trying new things, here are some ideas for you:

    Classic Margherita: This is the original pizza, cách làm bánh á and some purists say the ONLY way to have your pizza.
    A simple mixture of crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, mozzarella and basil - all used quite sparingly to as not to outshine your delicious stone baked crust.

    Stuffed Crust: A staple of those pizza delivery companies that seem to cater to people that want their cheese served with more cheese.

    It's easy to replicate at home: Make you're pizza as usual, but before adding your topping, place string-cheese sticks along the edge and fold the dough over. Brush the stuffed crust with olive oil and sprinkle with dried oregano.

    Honey: No, that's not a typo, I did say honey.

    This is a popular garnish with the Brooklyn 'foodie' crowd. One artisan pizza restaurant in Brooklyn called Roberta's serves 'bee sting' pizza, toppings include: tomatoes, mozzarella, soppressata (a type of Italian salami), and yes, honey

    Indian inspired: This is a popular one in the UK.

    The ever popular tandoori chicken works well. For vegetarians saag paneer (a spinach and cheese mixture) makes an excellent as a sauce or topping.

    Orla Hayman is a keen and passionate home baker who likes nothing more than helping other people develop their skills in the kitchen, in particular teaching people how to make delicious cakes, breads, and other treats with .

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    C corylatham72371314 начал обсуждение Festive Fruit-Stuffed Pumpkin.

    Believed to be native to North America, pumpkins have been cultivated and consumed for millenia.

    Evidence of pumpkin seeds in Mexico dates back as far as 7000 BCE.

    Pumpkins are a staple part of cuisine around the world, and with good reason; they're hardy, easy to grow, and nutritious. The flesh is high in fiber, vitamin A, and beta carotene, and hoc lam banh the seeds are a good source of protein, zinc, tryptophan, manganese, phosphorous, and magnesium.

    In the US most people count on canned, pre-processed pumpkin for cooking and use whole pumpkins mainly for seasonal decorations like Halloween jack-o-lanterns, but ripe pumpkins are actually a great choice for kitchen duty.

    In fact just about all parts of the pumpkin are edible - the flesh can be boiled, baked, steamed, roasted, or mashed, the seeds can be roasted, and the leaves and the flowers can use used either raw or cooked in soups, salads, and mixed vegetable dishes.

    Even the shell is edible; it can be candied and enjoyed as a seasonal sweet.

    If you've only enjoyed pumpkin in holiday pies, you're missing some good eating. Here's a simple recipe for a delicious fruit-stuffed baked pumpkin that's great as a dessert, side dish, or even special breakfast!

    Fruit-Stuffed Baked Pumpkin

    • One small pumpkin (2 - 3 pounds)
    • 2 apples
    • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
    • 1 cup whole cranberries
    • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    • 1/2 cup drained canned pineapple chunks
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

    Cut the top off the pumpkin and set aside.

    Scoop out seeds. Place pumpkin in a shallow pan and cách làm bánh bake at 350 for about 50 minutes to 1 hour, or cach lam banh au until the flesh is soft.

    While the pumpkin is baking, core and roughly chop the apples, then whirl in food processor or blender until chunky. Add pineapple, cranberries, walnuts, and spices and process until just mixed - you want the filling to be chunky.

    When pumpkin has baked until tender, remove it from the oven and spoon filling into it, then replace the top.

    Return to the oven and bake another 45 minutes, until the filling is hot and bubbly.

    Serve as is, or top with a pat of sweet butter, a dollop of whipped cream , or hoc lam banh a au even a scoop of ice cream.

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    C corylatham72371314 начал обсуждение Peeling, Pronto.

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    It's not a torture device, it's a peeler.

    As a sophomore in college, I moved into the first home in which I had complete creative control of my own kitchen. I reveled in my newfound cuisine freedom by teaching myself how to cook from a series of cookbooks that I either borrowed or bought. The easiest thing to learn to do was bake--baking was like solving a math problem (a blessing for an engineering student), and cách làm bánh á âu I was able to turn my new hobby into gifts by giving away batches of cookies and cakes to friends.

    By the end of college, I was preparing four-course meals inspired by all types of cuisines, but my greatest love in the kitchen is still baking. Some friends have ventured to suggest that I invest in starting a small business baking pies, but with two other jobs, making the time to bake pies on the side would be impossible.

    So maybe they're not meant to be, dạy làm bánh á âu but if I were to ever seriously consider my pie-baking business dreams, I'd have to make some correspondingly serious time-saving investments.

    What's the easiest way to cut corners in pie baking? Peeling. Whether it's apples, peaches, or pears, a pie is no place for a peel (tongue twisted yet?) and if there's any way to make peeling happen a little bit faster, then I'll take it.

    But why stop there? What if you had a contraption that peeled, cored, and sliced the apples into the necessarily equal-sized chunks that you only find in professional pies? Meet a contraption that's a dream for any budding baking pro: hoc lam banh lanh the Kali Apple Peeler/Corer. It looks like a medieval torture device, but what it lacks in aesthetic tameness, it certainly make up for in efficiency.

    In 15 seconds, this gadget peels, cores, and hoc lam banh kem slices your fruit into 1/8-inch slices. It can also be adapted for just peeling. At that rate, you could peel enough apples for a pie in less than two minutes.

    The downside is that the price tag runs anywhere between $450 and $550. This puts it out of my price range, along with anyone else's who still cooks only for recreational chefs. But, if my baking business plan ever does go into action, this may just be my first purchase.

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    C corylatham72371314 начал обсуждение How To Teach Your Children To Bake.

    Most of us have hoc lam banh a fond memory of standing on a stool in the kitchen with our mother or grandmother, eagerly stirring a bowl full of goopy ingredients.

    Some very special memories are made in the kitchen; after all, it isn't called 'the heart of the home' for nothing! Getting your kids involved in your baking expeditions is not only fun for them, but it also teaches them some valuable hand-eye coordination skills and a sense of responsibility.

    And, at the end of the kitchen adventure, there will be some delicious treats to indulge in!


    Children are excellent little helpers with the preparation part of baking. Get your recipe out and read through all the required ingredients with your child, asking them to fetch each thing from the cupboard or fridge.

    This helps you with your baking task, while also teaching them about numbers, counting and the names of grocery items. Make a fun game out of retrieving all the bowls and mixing tools that you will need, perhaps you could make up a catchy song to make it really entertaining.

    Measuring and Mixing:

    Here's the fun part. Get your little one to assist you with measuring liquid ingredients in a measuring jug, showing them where the lines are and explaining how the measurements work. Let them help you sift flour, crack eggs into the bowl and add tablespoons of sugar or salt.

    Then the real fun begins. Stirring, mixing, blending, folding - all children take delight in this part of the baking process. Making a mess doesn't matter, so long as those special memories are being made. If you're baking something like cookies, kids will have a great time rolling out the dough and cutting out shapes.

    Ensure that whilst you are doing all this, you are preheating the oven. Explain all the rules of safety involving an oven to your children, and also that the oven needs to be warm for when you place the goodies inside.

    Baking and Cleaning:

    While your treats bake you can get started with cleaning up the kitchen. This means rinsing bowls and mixers, wiping counters down and packing the utensils away.

    Don't forget to let your little ones lick the dough bowl clean, as this is one of the best parts of helping out in the kitchen!

    It is easy and worthwhile to get your children involved in the kitchen. Children feel a great sense of pride in helping out, and even more so in chomping on baked goods that they can proudly say they helped make.
    Biscuits, cupcakes, cakes, cach lam banh lanh scones and cake pops are all great baked treats to make. They are not only easy recipes to follow, but perfect for little hands to prepare. Let's not forget about how much fun they will have cutting out biscuit shapes and icing cakes.

    We hope that you enjoy making baking memories in the kitchen with your children. Good luck and dạy làm bánh á âu happy baking!

    has been cach lam banh a South African favourite since 1950.
    Trusted for generations and synonymous with good value and also ensures that baked goods stay fresher for longer, which sets it apart from similar products on the market.

    Stork is part of the Unilever family.

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