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    A baker's simple recipe for a chocolate pie stuffed with Oreo and Nutella has gone viral on social media, with many hailing it the 'must make dessert' of 2021.
    Eloise Head, 26, is the founder of  , an Instagram page where she shares tricks for making decadent treats that take just minutes to prepare.
    One of her recent videos shows viewers how to make a biscuit pie with basic supermarket ingredients such as butter, sugar, day lam banh a flour, dạy làm bánh á âu eggs and vanilla extract.
    The British baker, cách làm bánh trung thu who shot to online stardom when a baking craze swept the globe during the first Covid lockdown , described it as 'one seriously loaded and delicious' treat that 'tastes amazing'.
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    London baker Eloise Head's chocolate cookie pie stuffed with Oreo and Nutella (pictured) has wowed the internet, with many hailing it the 'must make dessert' of 2021

    Ms Head makes the pie by adding 200 grams of softened butter and 250 grams of light brown sugar to a bowl, beating until the mixture has turned light and fluffy.
    Next she adds two egg yolks and dạy làm bánh âu a dash of vanilla extract before folding in 320 grams of plain flour and one teaspoon of baking soda.
    Ms Head mixes the ingredients until they have formed into a dough, then pours in 150 grams of white chocolate chips and 120 grams of broken Oreo biscuits.
    She presses two thirds of the dough into an eight inch cake tin, smoothing out to ensure it reaches the edge.
    Ms Head spreads 300 grams of Nutella over the top and a layer of 11 whole Oreos, before dolloping on 300 grams of cookies and cream spread.





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    The British baker described the pie as 'one seriously loaded and delicious' treat that 'tastes amazing'

    Eloise Head (pictured) built a mammoth Instagram following during the first Covid lockdown by sharing her simple tricks for making decadent desserts

    She covers the pie with the remaining third of the dough, pressing out to form a seal with the tin, then bakes in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.
    Photos and videos of the pie, which have garnered 21,400 'likes' since they were uploaded to Instagram on Monday, have drawn dozens of delighted responses.
    'Oh my god,' one woman replied, while a second tagged her friend and wrote 'we need to make this now'.
    A third asked her mate to make the pie for her birthday while others left lines of emojis with love hearts for eyes to show their amazement.

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    G geraldoschey6738568 начал обсуждение Baking Classes Help To Develop The Healthy Skills Of Kids.

    Baking classes help to enhance the creative part of kids.
    Presently, cach lam banh au not only the adult but also the kids are taking part of this class. There are many confectionaries that are guiding for baking cakes. Apart from the professional classes there are many people who offer baking courses at their home. As conducting this course at home is a great fun to make a business by making cakes for other or teaching other to make it.

    However, baking or cooking something should not confine into adults, children should also get the chance. It is seen that they are very much eager to make, would that be drawing or baking something. As a guardian we should encourage their interest and should give them space, so that they can live as they want.

    Children get bored from their school and homework, they need break. They wait for the summer vacation for enjoying and dạy làm bánh lạnh taking rest. Hence, it is suggested to the guardians that they can take their toddlers to the baking classes. It helps them to learn the important life skills through participation.

    Baking classes help in bringing the maturity into them.

    There are many things that make the kids to perform properly and moreover it makes them disciplined more than anything else. Some basic attributes is noticed through this baking process, like freedom. In this process they are allowed to bring out their own creation without help and in this process strict assistance is not given by the teachers.

    So for that children feel more independent. Excitement is another one. With the fun process of baking, cách làm bánh kem kids feel more excited for more learning. With excitement they become more eager to create something new in their life, discipline is another significant quality. Abreast with loads of fun and excitements they become discipline also; like how to make the shape of the cake properly, how to decorate it etc.

    Moreover, kids feel confident, if they can make anything new.

    Apart from these basic attributions, there are many educational benefits that are derived from taking part in baking classes. Sensory skills can be counted as the primary one. Sensory skills help them to identify different things by testing, smelling, hearing and touching.
    Baking classes are not held with one, there are many kids together. Hence, working with others, give them a sense to interact with others, and this is a social skills. Mathematical skills are an also significant educational attribution that is developed through the process.

    Kids learn to count, measure to follow the recipe with this they acquire the sense of mathematics. Apart from this, children can acquire the science skills as well, like how ingredients react to each other, what happen when they heat the cake, or cool it etc.
    Another important part of this process is the motor skills. Kids are able to move the ingredients one place to another, which enhance their eye, hand day lam banh thong dung and legs movement.

    Hence, with the baking classes kids get another fun and exciting way to learn and develop their healthy skills.

    Sara Osborne, is a famous food blogger. She runs a confectionery and also provides for kids as well as for adults. Her write up is very famous among the readers.

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    A creative home baker has impressed hundreds online after sharing how she made an incredible anti-gravity cake for her son's birthday.
    The dessert seems to defy gravity as it's made with sweets pouring from the packet over the top and down the sides of the cake.
    The woman posted images to the Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips Facebook page and detailed the 'simple yet effective' method.
    'It's cach lam banh a slow process as you need to do it one layer at a time.

    Everyone loved it!' she captioned the online post. 

    The dessert seems to defy gravity as it's made with sweets pouring from the packet over the top and down the sides of the cake (pictured)

    To create the wow factor, the home baker used a balloon stick and carefully stuck m&m's onto the plastic using melted chocolate

    To create the wow factor, the home baker used a balloon stick and carefully stuck m&m's onto the plastic using melted chocolate.
    A stainless steel straw or cake dowel can also be used as an alternative to the balloon stick.  
    'You can only do one layer and then wait for cach lam banh lanh the chocolate to harden. So I would do a layer of the stick, then add more to the base and dạy làm bánh âu repeat,' the woman said.
    Once the base of the dessert was prepared and the balloon stick was covered in m&m's, the woman stuck it into the cake and positioned the chocolate packet on top.
    For added effect, she also put cotton wool inside the packet to ensure it looked full. 





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    While the recipe is simple, creating the anti-gravity wow factor requires patience and time  

    'I am not a baker at all so I used a packet butter cake mix.

    Mixed it up according to directions and lined a cake tin with baking paper,' she said.  
    The woman divided the cake mixture in half using red and green food colouring - which are the colours of her son's favourite football team.
    The base of the cake was cooked in the slow cooker on low for two hours with a tea towel under the lid, but can also be baked in the oven according to packet instructions.
    'I made the base the night before so it would completely cool before decorating,' the woman said.
    'Covered the cake with chocolate icing and placed the KitKats most of the way around.' 

    Others on social media have also shared their gravity defying creations (pictured) and many dubbed the dessert as 'brilliant'

    The end result looked incredible and the party guests were left impressed with the woman's efforts.
    Others on social media have also shared their anti-gravity creations and many dubbed the dessert as 'brilliant'.
    'Well done, học làm bánh á it looks brilliant and you must have patience of a saint,' one woman said.
    'You did an awesome job.

    This is beautiful,' another added.

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    G geraldoschey6738568 начал обсуждение Mum's Self-cleaning Toilet Bomb Recipe To Make Bathroom Smell Fresh.
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    G geraldoschey6738568 начал обсуждение Giới Thiệu DẠY LÀM BÁNH ÂU.
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    G geraldoschey6738568 начал обсуждение Author Offers A Deep Dive Into World Of Baking As He Grows Own Wheat.

    by Robert Penn (Particular £17.99, 240 pp) 
    Is there any smell more delicious than that of freshly baked bread?

    No wonder supermarkets pump the aroma through their stores to entice shoppers to spend more.
    As a nation we love our bread, gobbling nearly 12 million loaves a day lam banh trung thu . Humans have been eating it for almost 15,000 years — the earliest version was probably baked in the Middle East, although harvesting the wheat and making the bread was so labour-intensive that it would have been eaten only on special occasions rather than as an everyday food.
    In ancient Egypt, state workers' wages were paid partially in loaves; the French Revolution was triggered in part by a lack of the stuff, and Napoleon, whose armies travelled with field bakeries, once declared: ‘To defeat the Russians is child's play, provided I can get bread.'
    Although so familiar to us, there's something mysterious about bread.

    Scientists still don't completely understand the sequence of physical and chemical reactions that happen to bread mixture when it's in the oven, rippling and rising before finally developing that lovely crust.

    Robert Penn gives a deep dive into world of heritage baking in Slow Rise, as he grows his own wheat, harvests it by hand and mills it the old-fashioned way when he makes bread (stock photo)

    As a child, journalist Robert Penn was addicted to ‘medium-sliced, white velvet slivers of tasteless bread', and well into his adult years he remained partial to the spongy supermarket kind.
    He gave up eating bread after a spell of illness, believing he was gluten intolerant, although nobly kept baking loaves for his family.

    When his resolve cracked and he tried his homemade bakes he found, to his surprise, that he suffered no ill effects. It wasn't all bread that had made him ill, he realised, but poor quality bread.





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    Penn, who lives in the Black Mountains in South Wales, became so obsessed with bread that he decided to go back to baking basics; he began growing his own wheat, harvesting it by hand and milling it the old-fashioned way.

    He also built an oven in which to bake it.
    ‘Do you really want us all to live like Amish farmers?' his wife asked plaintively.

    Penn sowed two 'heritage' varieties in an acre of land borrowed from a neighbour and read poetry to his crop as well as bringing a speaker to the field so that he could play music for it (stock photo)

    Penn chose two ‘heritage' varieties of wheat and sowed them in an acre of land borrowed from a neighbour.

    As he waited anxiously for his crop to grow, he read poetry to it and took a speaker into the field so he could play Beethoven and the Ramones to the wheat.
    Finally, dạy làm bánh thông dụng ‘the field turned tawny, dạy làm bánh nướng then gold. The plants became recognisable as wheat.' Harvesting it with a sickle — ‘unknown muscles in my lower back raged' — then threshing, winnowing and finally separating the grain from the chaff, he achieved a mere 100kg of flour, barely enough to make his family bread for the year.

    SLOW RISE: A BREAD-MAKING ADVENTURE by Robert Penn (Particular £17.99, 240 pp)

    ‘If I had been a Bronze Age farmer,' he reflected gloomily, ‘a crop failure on this scale would have meant disaster.' But at least his flour was something special.
    With a flourish worthy of the most pretentious of wine snobs, Penn describes it as smelling of ‘hazelnuts, fresh grass, the earth'.
    The first few loaves he made were so flat and hard that his son compared them to a Stone Age frisbee.

    But soon Penn was turning out perfect loaves, and he discovered that he could lure his teenagers away from their computers when the smell of fresh bread wafted into their bedrooms.
    He even won first prize at the fiercely contested Llanthony Valley and District Show.
    Although most consumers still opt for industrially produced white bread, Penn says optimistically that we are slowly becoming more discerning about the bread we eat, and points to the increasing number of artisan millers selling varieties of flour with names such as ‘Kent Old Hoary' and ‘Devon Orange Blue Rough Chaff'.
    Slow Rise is never less than entertaining, but there is something slightly contrived about Penn's deep dive into the world of heritage baking.

    Yet reading it is a reminder of how remarkable bread is: dạy làm bánh familiar though it may be, a loaf of bread is also ‘an everyday miracle'.

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    G geraldoschey6738568 начал обсуждение DẠY LÀM BÁNH ÂU.

    Khóa "dạy làm bánh á Làm Bánh Âu" tạo nền tảng vững chắc giúp học viên đón đầu xu hướng mới và tìm kiếm cơ hội trở thành đầu bếp bánh chuyên nghiệp. Sau khi hoàn thành khóa học này, học viên còn được cấp Chứng chỉ có giá trị toàn quốc, dạy làm bánh kem giúp bạn có lợi thế lớn để tìm được việc cách làm bánh nướng trong các nhà hàng – khách sạn với mức lương đáng mơ ước.

    Sự ra đời của dòng Entremet, đế Tart hiện đại, Pate de fruit, Praline Chocolate Candy, Candy fruit, Masmallow… đã đưa thế giới bánh lên một tầm cao mới, là bước ngoặt giúp thị trường bánh kẹo phát triển vượt bậc. Các loại bánh hiện đại này có sự đột phá cả về hình thức, kết cấu, hương vị và đang dần trở thành ưu tiên lựa chọn hàng đầu của các thực khách. Với nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội về thành phần tự nhiên, hương vị mới mẻ cùng tạo hình sáng tạo, cach lam banh lanh cuốn hút, bánh hiện đại đã nhanh chóng được mọi người yêu thích và tạo nên một cơn "sốt" không hề nhỏ.

    Nếu muốn trở thành thợ làm bánh chuyên nghiệp, bạn nhất định phải thông thạo về kiến thức cùng kỹ năng làm dòng bánh này và khóa học làm bánh hiện đại là điều cực kỳ cần thiết dành cho bạn. Hoàn thành khóa học, bạn có thể tự tin ứng tuyển vào nhiều vị trí hấp dẫn của các nhà tuyển dụng hoặc khởi nghiệp kinh doanh, mở một tiệm bánh cho riêng mình.

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